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Looking to sell or trade?

Do you have gear that you're not using anymore and want some extra cash or want to upgrade? We buy used gear as well. Bring it in to the store and we will make you an offer. If you are looking to trade, we can offer you a higher price for your gear. We will just need a valid form of I.D.

Why buy used?

There's many reasons why musicians buy used. Lower cost, more variety, and the story behind the instrument's previous owner(s) are all intriguing to the buyer.

Oftentimes, a buyer has done their research and is ready to purchase an item, but just want to save a few bucks. Buying gear slightly used can offer a helpful discount.

Waddell's carries a wide variety of different brands, but brands that we don't normally stock can appear in the store as used. Buying used gives the musician more variety.

The intrigue of used gear has a lot to do with its history, especially vintage items. Every piece of gear has its own story and the dings, dents, and scratches to prove it. Who owned it? Where was it played? What was recorded with it? These are all questions that add to the value of buying used.

Stop in today to browse our used gear selection.

Any additonal questions about our used gear? Feel free to contact us!
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