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Waddell's Rock School

Get out of your bedroom and get on stage.

The next generation.

Rock School is a bi-annual program that gives students of all ages the opportunity to play in a live band!  Each student in the program will be put into a band with other members who share similar age, skill level, and preference of music genre. It is required that all students have at least an intermediate skill level on their instrument.

Rock School consists of twelve rehearsals each an hour in length, once per week.  After the twelve weeks of rehearsals, your band will have the opportunity to perform a live set at a real venue!  Each band will perform a roughly twenty-minute-long set. 

  • All rehearsals are held here at Waddell’s Music Center in our Rock School Room.

  • Sign-ups do not guarantee every student a spot in a band, we do our best to accommodate everyone. However, if too many students sign up who play the same instrument, we may not be able to find them a spot. If this circumstance happens then that student will be first in line for the following Rock School Program.

  • Each member of the band will be able to choose a song and is assigned a skilled instructor to guide them through the entire process.

  • To Sign up Email us: , call 724-934-1090 or stop in our store!

  • Tuition is a one time payment of $400 for the entire program.  If you sign up we can put your name and info on our sign up list but we cannot enroll you into a band until payment is received.

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