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The next generation.

Waddell's Rock School is an all-ages, 12-week program that allows music students to be grouped into bands and perform at a live music venue. Throughout the duration of the program, the students will be coached by one of our professional music instructors and learn valuable skills, including jamming, song structure, production, improvisation, and soloing. This is the perfect chance for students to break out of the practice room by themselves and play on stage with other musicians. Because after all, music is meant to be shared.

The program is formatted into weekly hour-long rehearsals at our school of music. Students are grouped into bands based on their age, level of proficiency, and musical preferences. At that point, the students will discuss song options with their instructor and then get to work! At the end of the program, all bands will perform at Jergel's Rhythm Grille in Warrendale.

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